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SEGO 12"-24" 2.5g/pc 20pcs Tape in Hair Extensions Non-Remy Skin Weft Tape in Human Hair Extensions Double Side Tape Extensions

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Item Description

Package includes: 20pcs 50gram or 40pcs 100gram Band Hair Extensionspcs + 10pcs tapes as gift Length & Weight & Packge 12 inch = 30cm, 2.5g / pc 20pcs 14 inch = 35cm, 2.5g / pc 20pcs 16 inch = 40cm, 2.5g / pc 20pcs 18 inch = 45cm, 2.5g / pc 20pcs 20 inch = 50cm, 2.5g / pc 20pcs 22 inch = 55cm, 2.5g / pc 20pcs Color options: Dark color: 1 #, 1B #, 2 #, 4 #, 6 #, Average color: 27 # Light color: 24 #, 60 #, 613 # Piano color: P4 / 27 #, P18 / 613 #, P12 / 613 # Hair Quality: 1, 100% real natural hair used 2, no synthetic no animal hair no mix! 3, smooth shiny, silky straight! No loss, no tangle, no knots, no slits! 4, can be permed, straightened only light can be dyed to the darker color!

Application Suggestion

If You Have Short Hair, Want Long & Volume Effect, Buy 3 Lots ( 60 Pieces ) Please. If You Have Long Hair, But Thinner, Want Volume Effect, Buy 2 Lots ( 40 Pieces) Please. If You Want HighLight Effect, Or Want More Volume, Buy Extra 1 Lots ( 20 Pieces) Please.

How to Remove the Tapes

Step 1: Apply olive oil to your hair, where the tape residue is stuck. Coat your hair with the oil to loosen the sticky adhesive. Step 2: the oil on your hair, by heating it with your hairdryer. Hold the hairdryer 12 inches away from your hair for 30 seconds to heat the oil. Allow the oil to remain on your hair for a few minutes Step 3: Comb through your hair with a fine-toothed comb to remove the tape residue. Wipe the remaining olive oil off your hair with a washcloth, so you can see how much tape residue is left. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the adhesive is completely removed. Step 4: Shampoo your hair to remove the olive oil and the last of the tape residue.

How to Care

Hand wash only in cool or warm water with shampoo.Do not rub, scrub, bunch your hair either while washing it.Do add a leave on conditioner after washing too,absorb excess water and comb it then left to dry naturally.Don’t wash the extensions as much as our natural hair.We recommend to stay away from products that include sulfate and alcohol.

Can it be dyed?

we offer you some warm tips to note: 1.Only the light color hair can be dye to darker color,and the darkcolor can be bleached to the lighter color. 2.You can try one pcs hair first to make sure that is not spoiled 3. Many consumers dye their favourite color successfully but #613 produced by bleaching so it is easy to break when dying again. We don't suggest the #60 and #613 be dyed again 4.You'd better color it under the guidance or help of the professionals

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